Bitcoin websites are created every day. It is my personal mission to bring the most relevant, up-to-date list of bitcoin websites in one simple page. The Bitcoin Page. Enjoy :)
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The new and improved version of TheBitcoinPage is here!

Check it out at: Bitcoin.Directory



What is the purpose of this website?

I have set myself a personal mission to bring the best websites about Bitcoin in one simple page.
Thats how was born, and I will make sure that it will continue to contain the most relevant and up-to-date websites over time.

How often do you update the website?

Since bitcoin has a very dynamic pace, I guess weekly.
(in case the price per bitcoin will reach 100,000$, however, the update frequency will be lower due to Bahamas)

Can I improve the content by editing the links?

Yes! visit our howoto page to see how.

I just finished creating a website that gives 10% interest on your bitcoins and I want to scaminvite new visitors! Please add it!

You can try to add it yourself but if it is a new website from an unknown company, and specially if your site sounds suspicious, I wont list it.

Ok, I will give you a lot of $$$ to add my site!

Firstly, please convert them to Bitcoins.
Secondly, No.

So how websites are getting listed?

You can help us improve content by it yourself! see our howoto page.
But if you are going to include your website, please consider that any site request will be measured using the following formula:
Will_My_Site_Be_Included = Age * Reputation * Attractiveness * Our_Editor's_Mood * Random_Monkey_Factor (A coin flip done by one of our lab monkeys. head=you're in).

Do you guarantee anything about the quality of the website listed?

I try my best to only list quality websites into the list, but the answer is No. You are responsible to verify and decide whether you trust any of the listed websites.
There are even cases where big sites that were considered legit went bankrupt and many bitcoins were lost (, so use your bitcoins wisely.

Who created this website?

Me. I'm Satoshi. well... maybe. probably not, but who knows.

This site is cool!

Thanks. If you like it, you can help me by editing the links and keeping them up to date and relevant.
You can also donate, as we are going to run out of bananas for our coin flipping monkey.

How can I contact you?

By email of course.

Special message to bitcoin users: I created this website to provide quality links for the bitcoin community. This site is private and managed by me.
If you find this site useful, please share it with others. Thanks
Also, donations are always welcome at address: 1MzKCKvLt65FQDE7oLH1rC9yudPtegNscA